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Re: "Quickness" of Solace

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^ Agreed.

It's odd: I love OHMSS and Casino Royale is pretty similar to it, yet I can't stand Casino Royale. I use it to cure insomnia.
I don't love OHMSS, but I've gotten so I like it for more than just music and photography.

As for CR ... I don't think I'll ever see it all the way through in one sitting without having to fastforward the hell out of it. The one time I was able to almost enjoy it, I had to break it into two separate viewings.

It is kind of funny you bring these up, because these are the two movies where I don't think of the main character as being Bond at all, just a guy who happens to have the same name. The aged-looking brat in CR has less maturity than Bond would have at half his age, if he is anything like the Bond described in Pearson's wonderful pseudo-bio of the character.
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