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Re: Post-DS9 Cardassia

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Hmm...I find it hard to see the Cardassians being too pleased with a Klingon presence in their territory. That would have to be even worse than a Federation presence in their book: you've got that unprovoked war that STARTED the whole mess in the first place (pre-Dominion) not to mention the Septimus III attack which was a wholesale slaughter. (Yes, I know the Cardassians have committed atrocities too but knowing them, they'd be MASSIVELY pissed if it was against them.)

I'm tempted to agree RE: the Klingons.
It's never properly addressed on screen but to all intents and purposes, it was the Klingons that gave the Dominion their foothold in the Alpha Quadrant. Granted, Martok was a changeling, but even so, Gowron and the rest of the High Council must shoulder some of the blame. If they hadn't launched their ill advised war on Cardassia it is unliekly Dukat would have been able or even willing to negotiate with the Dominion and give them a permanent base in the AQ.

I think this fact may well be exploited by several sides in any post-war territory or power division. The Romulans in particular would likely use it to limit the Klingons' share of the conquered territories as much as possible.
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