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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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It is always nice to see more on ST:POTT around here, but I have to point out here like I did in an earlier thread that the source of the Enterprise redesign was inspired by North American Aviation's XB-70 Valkyire and not Star Wars' Star Destroyer. Hence the "McQuarrieprise" can also be thought of as the "Valkyrieprise".
I love the XB-70 Valkyrie's design, and have several books on it.

On the other hand, while there's a similarity, I have to question the veracity of the statement that the "source of the Enterprise redesign was inspired by" it. Is there factual information to back this up, or is it just logical supposition? I hate to be hard-nosed about this, but I'm trying to get the record straight here (as much as possible), and this project has enough myth and supposition around it without adding to it, so, if you've got a source, I'd love to hear it.

Christopher wrote: View Post
However, there's a disconnect between Kaufman's stated ambition and the summaries of Kaufman's script. That doesn't sound particularly adult or intelligent at all -- more like a cheesy '70s B-movie.
Which script are you referring to? The Bryant & Scott script is the one that Kaufman was hired to direct, which no one could agree on, and which was rejected. That one does sound cheesy from summaries, albeit I hate to judge their work on the basis of post facto summaries by others. Kaufman had his own take on the script—apparently focusing on Spock and the Klingon—which was apparently never completed because Paramount pulled the plug on it. The ONLY summary of Kaufman's version I've ever seen is the one I quoted from "The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made", and it doesn't give enough detail for anyone to be able to fairly judge it.
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