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Re: Picard's 'middle' years

Diane quite explicitly described the Pathfinder as a ship that Picard had commanded between the Stargazer and the Enterprise.
I'm still not quite convinced she didn't simply forget the name of Picard's old ship. It's something no proofreader other than herself could ever catch, after all. And after Duane describes the Pathfinder as the ship where Picard and Ileen Maisel served together, she immediately (on the next page) moves on to describe Storennan Grace as "a short, stony-skinned Centaurrin who had also been on Stargazer with them", underlining mine. The word "also" would be quite out of place unless the two ships were one and the same.

Plus you're defining the characters in too limited and stereotyped a way. In fact, I profoundly disagree with your characterization of Riker. As a rule, he was the most passionate xenophile
Oh, definitely agreed. Riker would be the passionate one, in good and bad - loving and hating. Picard would be the one for moderated, diplomatically bland responses, in good and bad. When Picard got openly passionate and opinionated, it was for something truly exceptional in his life.

I don't think any of the characters showed categorical (or should that be category-free?) xenophobia, really. Soran the villain was made repulsive by his "don't you hate being different?" speech, and some things Pulaski or Maddox said about Data were supposed to be disapproved of, too, but the "main" heroes always had a soft spot for one alien species if they despised another.

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