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Re: True Blood 1x3 "Mine"

We need a poll!

The weakest of the three episodes so far, by far. Jason and Lafayette are colorful characters in small doses, but any sustained screen time is wearing out their welcome. Particularly Jason. But, they appear to be in the main cast so I'm stuck with them. I guess I'm supposed to feel sorry for Tara - to this point the most interesting character in the show - but her mother is so over the top pathetic I couldn't concentrate on anything else when she hit the screen; making a mockery of a key sympathy inducing moment.

The story didn't seem to move anywhere short of introducing us to the Evil Vampires and giving us pointless hookups, more Sookie romantic soul searching and a little sleep barking.

Right now there is zero menace to the "evil" vampires, who are just ridiculous.
Hoo boy, the Evil Vampires. Currently they are something between the Lost Boys and a liberal mix of a fake vampire from Scooby Doo. But, with way more rampant libidos. And worse dialogue.

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"What's your name?"

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