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Re: True Blood 1x3 "Mine"

Okay, I'm sorry, but this episode was bad. Diane and bald vamp were absolutely laughable, and if they don't stop having scenes that are nothing but painful exposition, I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to stick with this. Did we need Tara and Sam's discussion of her mother when the very next scene was her going home and having the altercation with her mom? And it is (of course) going to take Sookie about five seconds to find out that Tara and Sam slept together thanks to her handy dandy telepathy.

So far the show is coming off as stilted, over the top, and unfunny even though it sometimes tries very hard to get a laugh. It is lacking the charm of the books, having pitched that in order to make this the most sex-obsessed town in America. I'm not giving up yet, but I wish they'd take the sensisibility they applied to the opening credits and get more of that feel into the actual show. Right now there is zero menace to the "evil" vampires, who are just ridiculous. The writers are also tap dancing on any mystery or ominous atmosphere by constantly having the characters discuss things that shouldn't be spelled out.
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