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Re: Interview with Christopher L. Bennett

CLB: It's another story exploring exotic alien life forms and environments, but on a different scale from Orion's Hounds. It's mostly set on a type of planet that was only theorized four years ago: an “ocean planet,” a world that's mostly water and ice by volume. No continents, no islands, just an endless ocean that might as well be bottomless too, since at around 90 kilometers down, the pressure becomes so crushingly huge that the water itself is forced into ice even though it's boiling hot. It's a planet full of exotic and unusual life forms that shouldn't even exist there. And it's grounded in cutting-edge planetary science.
Only theorized four years ago? Voyager had a pelagic planet in "Thirty Days", as does the Star Wars universe (Mon Calamari, Kamino), the planet Water in Lexx and probably other settings. What distinction am I missing here?

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