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Re: 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Discussion

The Gervais-Carrell bit was the only "highlight" of the show. The Theme song medly wasn't bad, though. In fact, I was impressed by Groban's mimicking ability.

The Laugh-In skit was downright painful. It was ill-timed and the lines were just not funny. The whole mess gave the impression that the actors involved (with the exception of Lily Tomlin) were getting feeble-minded, which made it a very sad display.

The prune bit was weird. By trying to be "non-political" while making a political joke, they left it too wide for interpretation. The joke was nearly over by the time I realized they weren't talking about Biden (prune) and Palin (plum), but McCain (prune) and Obama (plum). The "young"/"firm" and "juicy" remarks (or whatever was said, something along those lines) certainly made me think of Palin more than Obama, lol. It took Jon Stewart mentioning eight years of prunes to clarify. The only bit of funny in the whole bit was the last line about keeping on eating them, I'm sure it will have positive results.

The online voting for memorable moments didn't make it to the show. They've posted the winners on the Emmy site, but no explanation for why it wasn't in the show, as was touted during the voting process. You can see the winners here:
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