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Re: Star Trek: Entepriez

Thank ya.

Right now, I've got some background info on this... noble and uhh... intrepid crew.

USS ENTERPRIEZ – a Nova-class vessel built to full scientific spec. later refitted with industrial tractor beams and an expanded auxiliary deflector module. She was originally intended as a replacement for the Enterprise-D due to a paperwork error, but Starfleet realized something was wrong mid-construction and quickly changed the name, claiming Enterpriez was “some famous guy or something”. Enterpriez has been assigned to do various menial assignments in the backwaters of the Federation.

Commander Richard Hawke. Commanding officer of the Enterpriez, he is the latest in a long line of Enterpriez commanding officers, which is the opposite of reassuring, considering the ship has only been active for a few years. He is eager to be in space, and wants to be where the action is.

Lt. Cmdr Kristen Stanford - Executive Officer. The executive officer of Enterpriez, Stanford plays things strictly by the book. Consequently, she feels her assignment to Enterpriez may be some punishment for something she might have done. She seems dry and impersonal on the exterior but… well, she could be the same inside.

Lt. JG Ignacio Alvarez - Chief Science Officer. Alvarez spends hours at a time engrossed in research. He’s not a social creature, far from it, he is self-absorbed, petulant, and unpleasant in general.
Lt. Karen “Coop“ Cooper - An implausibly brilliant ,engineer, she can fix anything with anything. Almost nothing is too broken for a roll of duct tape, some chewing gum and a bottle of helium.

Lt. Cmdr. Emily Aaron Fune- CMO. Doctor Fune is a decent doctor, but posseses extremely poor bedside manners, an acidic personality and very brutal honesty.

Ens. Phlegm – Operations. As an Denobulan, Phlegm finds it difficult to live on a starship packed full of humans. Little does he know that humans have difficulty with that, too. His behaviour is unpredictable and irrational and he seems to like acting weird just for the sake of acting weird.

Ens. Jack Something - Helm / Navigation. A self proclaimed combination of Casanova and Han Solo, Jack has the worst of both, and the best of neither. He is arrogant, sexist, bothersome, and to top it off, he smells of old cheese. He can sometimes be seen acting as the “peanut gallery”, offering useless comments or jokes that are meant to be funny.

Lt. JG Kraa’pla – Chief of Security. A once proud Klingon, Kraa’pla failed his Rite of Succession and banished himself to the Federation to hide the shame. He enrolled in Starfleet academy, and was assigned to the Enterpriez.

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