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Re: Braga's 'Flash Forward' Heads To ABC

A couple of thoughts on Braga.

1. I always wondered how much of what went into Trek was him and how much was Berman. Not saying he wasn't responsible. Just saying I'm not sure.

2. There's no denying that B&B were responsible for a lot of bad stuff when it comes to Trek. But, I think it would be wrong to deny that they created a lot of good stuff, as well.

I think their biggest crime was one of being lazy. They were far too willing to sponge the bottom of an empty well rather than to find a stream someplace else.

Still, they managed to pump out 18 seasons of Trek (plus a few seasons of TNG) and five movies (that had roughtly the same % of good and bad as Roddenberry) before finally getting replaced.

They ran Trek far too long. But, it wasn't all bad.

There's no reason to think that they couldn't be successful creating something different.

Threshold would probably still be running had it somewhere other than a big three network. If it had been a first run show on SciFi or USA, it likely would have had a much better chance for survival.

CBS moved it from one night to another with little fanfare, gave it ONE week to get ratings then canceled it.

They show that it switched with, Close To Home, didn't do any better that week in Threhold's time slot, but didn't meet with the same fate (immediately).

All I'm saying is that networkd TV tends to yank the plug on sci-fi shows pretty quickly.
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