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Re: Picard's 'middle' years

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How many references were there to the Stargazer, really? The big story in "The Battle", then two side mentions of missions in "Allegiance" and "The Wounded", and then the "Relics" bit about how Picard looked fondly back at his youth. "Measure of a Man" merely recouped the stuff from "The Battle", with a negative tint to it.

.... OTOH, if Picard really is principally remembered as the commander of the Stargazer, that's all the more reason to think that his possible other commands would go unmentioned. He need not be a one-trick pony for Worf and some others to see him as one: the inventor of the Picard Maneuver could suffer from obscurity of the rest of his career the same way Gus Grissom's Marine piloting would come as a surprise to most.
Possibly. I'll confess, I was sure there was an onscreen reference or two to the Sgz being Picard's previous command, but in composing my prior post, I searched for "Stargazer" in the TNG script website and found no such explicit references, only one to it being his "old ship" in "Coming of Age."

However, the fact that we learned nothing about Picard's missing 9 years in the show was itself one of the main reasons I chose to avoid giving him more ship commands. Since those 9 years never came up even once in the ensuing 7 years of TNG, it seemed to me that whatever Picard was doing for those 9 years had to be as far removed as possible from the sort of things he was doing in TNG. Whatever he'd been involved with during that time, it couldn't be something that directly involved interactions with the Klingons, Cardassians, Talarians, or any of the other UFP neighbors encountered in TNG, nor could it have directly involved any of the Federation member planets, Starfleet vessels, and the like that we saw in TNG. If it had, then logically the events of those 9 years would've occasionally come up in the show. So I figured it made the most sense for Picard to be as far removed as possible from starship command and Federation politics.
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