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Re: Picard's 'middle' years

There's never been any hint that Picard commanded any ships between the Stargazer and the Enterprise.
But there wasn't any hint that Spock could mind meld until he did, or that the Klingon Empire lacked an Emperor until it suddenly and retroactively did. Omitting references to a few starships that Picard commanded would be much less of a failure, as commanding of starships is Picard's day job and something we should take as granted.

How many references were there to the Stargazer, really? The big story in "The Battle", then two side mentions of missions in "Allegiance" and "The Wounded", and then the "Relics" bit about how Picard looked fondly back at his youth. "Measure of a Man" merely recouped the stuff from "The Battle", with a negative tint to it.

It would by no means be difficult to drop in two or three additional ships, the way the Okinawa was suddenly dropped into Sisko's backstory.

"Are you certain this is the same man who commanded the Stargazer?" That makes it pretty explicit that Picard's command of the Stargazer was the basis of his reputation as a worthy captain.
Hmm... Good point. OTOH, if Picard really is principally remembered as the commander of the Stargazer, that's all the more reason to think that his possible other commands would go unmentioned. He need not be a one-trick pony for Worf and some others to see him as one: the inventor of the Picard Maneuver could suffer from obscurity of the rest of his career the same way Gus Grissom's Marine piloting would come as a surprise to most.

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