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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

A couple of points on the Reading 'goal';

The lino says that it was an optical illusion and that due to his positioning it looked as though the ball had crossed the line for a goal. Even if that allows for the 'half a yard past the post' bit, the replays yesterday showed that the ball wasn't even close to crossing the line anyway, whether for a goalkick/corner/goal/whatever.....

Second point, a lot of the media seems to be admonishing the lino and overlooking the fact that the ref was much closer, "he was dependent on the linesman". Why? He was much closer, and had a far better angle. From where he was standing there was no way on earth he couldn't have seen that the ball didn't go in the goal.

One of the most bizarre 'goals' you're ever likely to see. Bad luck for John Eustace, he's been credited with an own-goal for it!
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