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Re: Merlin on BBC1 (SPOILERS)

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I was wary about this given the Beb's ridiculous plan to reinvent every major character as a 16 year old and given how poor Robin Hood was and the fact that it was such a radical reinvention.

I was pleasantly surprised. It isn't brilliant, and to be honest I don't think it'll become brilliant- but it was entertaining, and the chemistry/banter between Merlin and Athur was nicely done, if that remains the focus then I think it might succeed. Hopefully every episode won't revolve around Merlin having to save Arthur from 'plot of the week'
I don't get all the hate for Robin Hood, I know it's not great or anything, and the plots generally end up with the same sequence of events, but it's not a bad way to kill 45 minutes on a saturday night, especially when the alternative is so Ant and Dec filled pap, or X-Factor. But maybe I just think that because my nieces enjoy it, and I watch it with them.

As I said in the thread a while back, I don't care that they're "reinventing" the legend. The legend will endure longer than the show will even last in peoples ADD memories, as long as it's entertaining I'll keep watching. And I thought the first episode was good set up, and enjoyable enough to keep me tuning in.
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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