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Re: Smallville#801 "Odyssey" - Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

I'm giving this an Average.

Points gained for -

* Almost no Lana.
* Chloe having lots to do.
* Justice League!
* Aborting last seasons daft Traveller storyline.
* Lois in sexy maid outift.
* Clark joining the Daily Planet.

Points deducted for:

* Clark loses powers, again.
* J'onn loses powers. What is it with this show and taking superheroes' powers away ?
* Too much teenage girl inspired shirtlessness.
* Not-Miss-Tessmacher is annoying already. Shouting a lot and threatening to fire people is not convincing me that you're in charge.
* Started off the season without all of their new regular cast making appearances. Sam Witwer is going to end up being the Robert Rusler of Smallville, I can smell it.

Oh, and I'm guessing Welling's agent won't like the new title sequence with the shot of Welling wearing a suit and glasses.
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