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Re: True Blood 1x3 "Mine"

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I... do not have Showtime. I'll get back to you tomorrow. I have the show beamed into my head overnight.
As noted already, it's shown on HBO. I'm really hoping you're not talking about downloading the episode.

Mods, this post is not encouraging illegal stuff, so please don't close.

Back to the post ... HBO is being very ... anal ... about people who are torrenting this show. I have seen some of the letters they're sending out. HBO is documenting every IP addy that's doing downloads and having their lawyers notify the service providers. Supposedly, within 2 days of sharing episodes of True Blood, people are getting notified in the mail that they've been caught, ordered to delete the file, and being warned that a second notification will result in prosecution.

I already don't encourage downloading, and I don't want anyone here to get in trouble because of their love of a really good show. Please be careful. Check with your cable/satellite provider and see if there are any deals that include HBO. When I did, I found out that by adding HBO, my total price per month went *down* seven dollars, thanks to package deals.

Now, back to the episode itself ...

My, oh, my ... yeah, behind spoilers for those in the far East.

Well, let's see what next week brings us. Looks like someone's headed right back where they were before, that can't be good. lol
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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