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Re: Merlin on BBC1 (SPOILERS)

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...but I'm not really the target demographic.
Everyone is in the target demographic - it's a family show (in the UK sense).

An interesting novel take on the Arthurian myth. Be interesting to see what they make of it.

Uther's a good, but hard man, who probably makes bad decisions in good faith. Arthur's a jock, but has a basic respect for bravery and probably honesty that will serve him well. Morgana will probably be a victim of her inheritance and a tendency to believe the ends justify the means. Merlin's flaw will probably be a tendency to enjoy the limelight and prestige a bit too much.

Meanwhile there'll be witty banter, action, lots of pretty on display, and thrills and spills. Good way to while away the odd 40 minutes or so.
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