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Re: Smallville#801 "Odyssey" - Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

The show is so much better when it just says 'screw it' and really embraces it's inner "Superman". it's when "Smallville" rears its head that the show just gets stupid and contrived. Case in the point, the way Clark got to the Daily Planet... makes no sense. That's the "Smallville" in it. But once you realize, hey, it's clark and lois working across from each other at the daily planet, and it's not just them doing it once "foreshadowing" it's really happening, it almost feels magical. I recently caught the episode Apocalypse from the previous season... when I saw Clark, interacting with bowtie Jimmy, and honest to god reporter Lois... putting on the glasses, I was like, holy shit, I can actually see a REAL Superman show with this cast.

But it was a mirage, because the "Smallville" in the show always comes back. the show gives you tantalizing glimpses of greatness before yanking it away, and laughing at you with its contrived stupidity.

About two seasons ago they should have just jumped forward and launched "Metropolis" starring Welling, Durance, Rosenbaum, and that Ashmore kid as Jimmy, with McKean as Perry.
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