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Re: Smallville#801 "Odyssey" - Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

There was something different about the anatomy and the feel of the entire program. I could tell that someone else was in charge, not that that wasn't a bad thing... Apart from the white slaving in what seemed like still soviet Russia, and Jimmy not having his testes removed for back peddling on a marriage proposal this one of the strongest episodes of Smallville I have seen in years.

Still some glaring wholes.

The Sarah Palin Joke was hilarious. Although I do wonder if Lex's brain hasn't been transferred into her body after all his limbs fell off from frostbite. that thing with the desk was "entitlement", which means she's either another missing sibling or she was almost a spouse. Didn't care for the actress, I was expecting a blonde and then I got a completely Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist in that Bond flick vibe whenever Cassidy spat vitriol and pranced. There's something strangely catlike about her eyes.

I really like Lois's new hair. She's lost weight too. And she talks less like a sailor. nice to see her with a gun. i have no idea why Clark didn't enter that complex with a shotgun and nine pounds of c4, if he was going to be the slightest bit effective against Lex Corp security.

Chloe with No make up was nice in setting the scene for being a prisoner, but what the hell was with the grey/silver nail polish? So her jailers admit some cosmetics but not others? Or was it an out ward manifestation of her MENTAT abilities? As soon as I saw that her brain all super charged, I figured that she was being courted by Brainiac V from the Legion of Superheroes who had to justify his physical attraction for Chloe in the future by retroactively renovating her mind some months before they met till she wasn't an embarrassment, the same way my cousin Walter puts make-up on monkeys before he...

Welling. Worse Driver than Chakotay. Seriously, he deserved to be shot if that's how he plans his escape after a month in captivity. And what the fuck was all that buddy loyalty the league and Clark were sharing? That's bullshit! He was a conscientious objector who didn't give a shit about the larger picture because life on the farm was snug. Meanwhile it was Chloe who was Oliver's friend who worked with the League and should have been their primary focus as far as it went for looking for their MIA.

O. By the way "wow". Aquaman took some classes and learnt how to act. It is the same guy? because words were coming out of his mouth and it didn't seem like he had a reading age of 7. Good for him. Although I still would have wanted more Bart, even after what he did to Veronica Mars.
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