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Re: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog

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are you saying you wouldnt mind being raped by a lady horse =S

cos either way seems unpleasant as far as I'm concerned!
Well not entirely.

Horse penises are about are long as from your elbow to your finger tips fully erect and the proper high end breeding facilities moved over to one hundred percent artificial insemination years ago since the (valuable stud) Stallions often enough because of the power in their hind quarters and eagerness would snap their cocks like crisp brisket during the sex act.

On the other hand. Foals... Fricking some mare out their carrying my centaur progeny after she's sexily stolen my spunk. Well, that would get very embarrassing in the long run at the family reunions and Child welfare would be demanding to why my kid is being raised in a stable!? I'd get done up for abuse since hay and oats is not the breakfast of champions.

In the Buffy comics, Dawn has been transformed into a centaur. Escaping from the big bad with Xander gripping onto her mane and digging in with his heals for dear life, she described the jaunt as that "he rode her hard until she was wet" or words to that effect because they're cranking up the wrongituity that Xander and Dawn might be being paired romantically, unless they're trying to fake me out again.
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