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Re: Smallville#801 "Odyssey" - Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

I'm here late like I said but watched it Wednesday...and I enjoyed it. One thing Smallville does well is its season premires and this was no exception although I did vote above average since I was already down on the entire season. Loving me some Tess right now...we'll see how her story arc plays out for the rest of the season but she definately is giving me Miss Tessmacher vibes. I was waiting to see Clark in a beard but we didn't get to see that, was that photo from months back just a teaser pic? No mention of Lara being trapped in the Phantom Zone bothered me. I have a feeling that Lex (if Micheal does do a guest appearence before the series wraps) is going to return with his memory wiped or at least partial amesia making him forget everything he's learned over the last few years.

I too didn't like J'onn appearing at the last second to save Clark but what else were they going to do since it appears that Chloe's powers have changed? I think though that I'm going to really like the Lois and Clark stuff at the Daily Planet...remember that Clark does have some schooling and that the Planet is without a Editor or Owner right now. I wonder if the writers are planning on addressing that at some point. Its time to bring back Perry White...overall I thought it was well done, with the exception of not mentioning Kara.
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