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Re: Trip & T'Pol: The Good That They Do

Reanok wrote: View Post
Tennisgirl has made 2 new Trip & T'pol videos In The Sun and F.N.T. She did a wonderful job. here's the link to her page to find them
Nice, tennisgirl! I especially liked "In the Sun," and the clips you picked from "Home" with T'Pol and T'Les, and the "Shockwave" stuff. Cool when a video shows clips that don't typically turn up. You created a really thoughtful mood with that one. "F.N.T." was lots of fun, a great T/T clipfest.

Trippy wrote: View Post

I laughed out loud at that part of KM (it's actually Malcolm's 'line' )
Trippy, don't stand on ceremony and feel the need to wait till post #1000. Go ahead and start the new thread whenever you're ready! It's high time for T/T to get rockin'!
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