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Re: Ratings are in !

OMG I thought it was just us!!

It's definately seems a strange situation that a company can sit on their butts doing nothing and rake the money in. In theory, the Beeb could just show a couple of months of nothing but repeats - not like they'd lose revenue (but would have a hell of a public back-lash!).

With us though unlike the GEZ, the BBC do have a lot of enforcement powers, and can fine you 1,000 for not having a TV Licence. Even if proven that you use it only for video/DVD and don't even have any way of receiving broadcasts! We don't get charged for just radois though.

The BBC are similar in that they produce loads of programmes, such as real gems like "snog, marry, avoid", "When beauty goes wrong", etc. There are a few good programmes on there, but I personally would rather see the good programmes on BBC1 and/or BBC2, whereas they show repeats instead of good new content. Hell, they even tried burying "Torchwood" on BBC3, until they realsied that people actually wanted to watch it, so it ended up shown on BBC3, then repeated in the same week on BBC2.

Oh crap that reminds me, forgot to set up me direct debit - better phone 'em!
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