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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Mindful Of Canon

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"Like you see 'Galaxy Quest,' which is such a great movie, and it is so, it's like a real, slightly hyper, real when you are actually on the set doing 'Star Trek,' there are these moments that are like 'Oh dear God, how do I not make this bad?'

I see J.J. is off his meds again, the way he's rambling. Just once, in one interview, I wish he'd take just one small scene and explain it in clear, concise English, just how they went about making it seem real, or how that particular scene honors canon.

I am totally psyched for this film, but if Abrams can't give an interview in which he just doesn't babble non-sensical stuff, I wish they'd keep quiet until they're ready to release something substantial that would show us something.

BTW, I'm tickled to learn that a redshirt dies!

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