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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

Thank you so very much for posting this. I remember seeing the pics on his website, but they were not captioned at the time, so I thought the saucer shots were it crashing on a planet. I am a huge 'path not taken' guy with respect to TREK so Kaufmann's unmade TITANS is my holy grail. I figure it would have not necessarily have felt like real TREK (any more than TMP does to most) but that it would have entertained more than TMP, and gotten to market sooner as well, so it would have had a huge impact on what came after.

I definitely see the MILLENNIUM FALCON in Ralph's saucer, and his enterprise is definitely filtered through his own sensibilities, since Adam's sketches look more ... well, Adam-like than this (I am a huge admirer of Adam.) Downside is that you'd've had the GALACTICA effect, with TREK looking like SW right off the bat, instead of waiting till ST 3 to take on that inappropriate look.

I just saw Toshiro Mifune in something the other night, and immediately flashed on the stuff about Mifune being the Klingon Captain opposing Spock, according to Kaufmann in a little book, I think it is called best sf films never made. I've never felt good about the idea of doing 3/4 of a trek movie w/o Kirk (witness GENERATIOINS), but I gotta say, I'd've been first in line for this one.

The black hole shroud thing I don't get at all, it sounds like it is pinched from John Black's rejected trek pitch about the black hole that blows up, rather than the hole that send the E crew back (or forward) in time at the end.
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