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Re: Smallville#801 "Odyssey" - Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

Not a bad opener. This show might have a little life left in it after all. I have many of the same criticisms that I read from others:

-How did Clark get a job as a reporter so quickly. We saw Chloe and Lois have to work, or it appeared that way to me, to get on at the Planet. I wish they had started him out at the mailroom or made him an intern.

-Oliver's description of Tess being more devious than Luthor was a stretch. I think they are trying to establish her evilness a bit too strongly. What made Smallville's Lex so great as a villian was that you saw his good side, his vulnerability at war with his darker nature. I think they should've played Tess a little nicer and not as Darth Maul.

But for the most part I liked it:

-The return of the Justice League, though it would've been cool to have Cyborg and Flash back. At least they were mentioned which was almost as cool.

-The Martian Manhunter's return was good. Hopefully he'll be back in a later ep.

-Lois's hair. Love the darker look and the cut.

I was disappointed in both S6 & S7. Hopefully this season will go out with a bang. Or at least with some pride.
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