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Re: Difference Between Earth Starfleet and the UESPA?

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^ We also have no real idea when Shaun Christopher was born (wasn't it also an Okuda conjecture?). For all we know, it was ten years after the events of the episode.
Not sure if this was addressed or not but it's obvious from Capt. Christopher's reaction that he'd not fathered a son when captured by the Enterprise.

Back to the topic of the Federation. I would like to suggest that it's possible the organization, structure and responsibilities of the Federation grew and adjusted from ENT (where we saw the founding) to TOS to TNG and beyond. After all the United States government founded in 1776 was different from the one that ratified the Constitution in in 1787. While the government in 1776 was called the UNITED States (originally the United Colonies) the supreme law of the land was called the Articles of CONFEDERATION. The US even had a different president who preceeded George Washington.

The English/British government has evolved from a full monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

The League of Nations was superceeded by the United Nations. NATO probably operates much differently than the Warsaw Pact nations did. Sometimes what the organization is called does not reflect how it operates.

In regards to Patriotisim - I'm sure there are ways people display Patriotism that does not involve militism. Some feel they're being patriotic simply by wearing a lapel pin or sticking a "We support the Troops" sign in the yard. If you ask them, I'm sure they will answer that they are patriotic.

Conversely a person can be militant, fight for a country and yet NOT be patriotic. These people are mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, etc...
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