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They're not counted by the network, but they are counted by the production company, and should translate into a lower charge to the network (which means fewer eyeballs necessary to pay for the show).
That's not the way it works. Sales are revenues that come AFTER the show is on TV. The budget given to make the show, is entirely for the network, BEFORE it goes on tv. Sales have NO impact AT ALL to what the network has to pay to get a show made.
Yeah of course, you guys don't have the "wonder" of the UK known as the BBC. Where, even if you never, ever, EVER watch a single show on ANY of their channels, you still have to pay them 130 a year for the RIGHT to have a TV in your home!!

I've no idea if anywhere else in the world works like this, but it's the reason that some of the Digital BBC Channels get a bad rip (BBC4 escpecially), cos to be honest they're crap, yet everyone in the entire country pays for the programmes on them.
You guys? I'm Dutch. We pay for public tv as well. In fact we pay a little more, I think, although that includes a whole slew of non-public channels. Thing is though, I hardly watch tv anymore, I watch good tv shows among other things on DVD. I hate having to schedule my life around the damn thing, I much rather say: then I want to watch some tv, and I'll be choosing what I'll be watching at that time.
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