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Re: Smallville#801 "Odyssey" - Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

Well as I said re: Clark working at the planet, it's entirely possible he called in his favor with Perry White. When Clark met Perry White way back in Season (3? 4?) at the end Perry was impressed with Clark as a person and said he had read some of Clark's work on The Torch and although Clark tends to bury his lead his work showed promise. White went on to say that he still may of had some friends at The Daily Planet and could call in some favors if Clark wanted a job there.

It's entirely possible Clark cashed in on the favor.

I liked Michael McKean as Perry White (though he isn't an ideal White) but I'd like to see the character White show up now at The Planet as an Editor if not EiC even if it means recasting it.

Like I said earlier, this was an OK episode even though if it was light on "plot" (and it suffered from the usual Smallville Premature Climaxulation in that the climax of the episode was over in seconds and then in the next scene (after the commercial) we're on to wrapping the episode.

In this episode it was after Clark gets shot with the arrow and MM comes and helps him. MM flies off and then after the commercial Clark is in his barn re-powered. Huh?! Ok they explained his repowering but I guess we can just assume Ollie, Aquaman, Canary and Chloe left the prison/compound just... fine? And aren't being pursued?

I'm hoping this episode was just a "cleaning up the mess of the finale" in that it was trying to wrap things up and re-set them for where they want the characters to be for the season. Fingers crossed.
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