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Re: Borg or Dominion??

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Yay, we have non-disagreement.
Realistically I agree that the novels aren't canon, so their addition in novels like this probably won't make or break anything. But the novels are written and edited by people who are *really* into Trek, at least in this case, using ST references works and the series extensively. And the careful and detailed account made me want to throw it in there... Plus the Jem'Hadar are my absolute fav. ST species... and maybe the Horta. I really think the Dominion would win, esp since, as mentioned, they have rarely seen warships, and the new one as seen in "The Valient" and their production of such things is ususally 100% capacity, at least when necessary. It takes a couple weeks to get new Jemmies, it takes 20 years to get new humans. :P
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