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I have trawled through the responses, and to be honest, got bored with the diatribe after the second page. It seems there are two questions here: What is 'canon'? What is non-canon and fan created? As I understand it, 'canon', is everything that appears on screen, even if it contradicts itself. 'fan created' is the attempt to rationalise and explain the iinconsistencies inherent in the Trek world Here's a simple way of looking at the problem. If it works in the episode, its 'canon', if it don't work in reality, thats our problem. Star Trek was produced as a fantasy show. Roddenberry and his legacy staff were not, and are not, scientists. although they did use advisors. I know for a fact that there was no real discussion by the creators of ST as to how a starship slows down after dropping out of Warp. Or how the 'Heisenberg Compensator' really works. We take these things on faith. Next week, I will explain the function of Plasma Convertors and why Data can't make contractions.
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