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Re: Humor on nuBSG

Roslin: "Sorry about the mess. It's a bit of a ritual, superstition, really. I used to do this before testifying at committee hearings. This is what I'd do. I'd take a [sheet of paper], memorize a talking point, tear the card *tears the card and throws away the pieces*, let the pieces fall as they may. It helps."

Adama. "You know, my father used to break pencils before he'd go into court. He'd borrow one from the clerk. Break preconceptions, work with what you have."

Roslin: "You know, I like that. Let me see. *grabs pencil* I like it. *breaks pencil, throws pieces away, exhales* That's good."

Adama: "Feel better?" [the slightest of grins is visible on Adama's face

Roslin: "Yeah. But what happens if the...ah...moderator doesn't have a pencil?"

Adama: "Then you're pretty screwed."

Poor Roslin starts giggling and won't come down again . I think that's a wonderful and funny scene. It really evolves from the moment and works because the character know each other so well.
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