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Re: Supernatural 4x1 "Lazarus Rising" SPOILERS after ep discussion

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I loved it when Bobby tossed the holy water in Dean's face.
Thats a perfect example of humor that fits the episode and isn't forced.

In fact humor wise the only thing I thought that was forced was the music Sam had first on his playlist (WTF was that).

Loved the flirting with the psychic and the brothers reactions to it (perfectly in character). Loved Dean grabbing a porn magazine again, he's already stocking up on supplies, why wouldn't he (I would have).

And I loved that he forgot about his beloved impala. He has Sam (he's alive and by first looks doing what Dean has always wanted him to do, hunting and actually living a little). Why would he even think of the car. Of course, once he sees her thats a different story and let the brotherly teasing begin begin.

I loved Dean telling Sam he's sorry. Sorry that Sam tried to save him. When that isn't what Sam is sorry for. He was sorry he wasn't the one who saved him, to hell with the cost. He failed him, and you could so read it on Sam's eyes.

Loved the star Wars reference. Wedge gets some respect. And I can't wait to see how Dean is going to react when he realizes how much his brother that he knows everything about has really changed.

God, I can keep going.

Of course, tomorrow the numbers game starts as I freak out on pifeedback like a stalker.....
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