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Re: Dexter S1-S2 (spoilers!), what will happen in S3?

We're Netflixing Season 4 of Six Feet Under.
I should watch that someday but don't want to. I don't want to see MCH "cheating" on Dexter.

Still, since the show is fundamentally Dexter Goes Sane
Is it? I was thinking (hoping) that S3 might start to kick Dex off a cliff into really bad places. That seems to be the place they need to go - ramp up the dramatic tension, don't defuse it.

I have no idea how they'll end all this. I can't even form a hypothesis.

From what I've read (just the first book so far), the TV show is definitely an improvement over the shallow characters and emotionally-distancing snarkiness of the novels. I guess they're supposed to be that way - just a breezy read in the detective fiction genre. The TV show aims higher, that's all.

I've already managed to convince myself that Dexter is a greater detective than Batman!
Only because he didn't give Batman enough time to prepare.
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