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Re: WARP derived from known physics

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Trying to explain trek warp drive in terms of present day physics is probably akin to having Archimedes explain a transistor.
Except for the oh-so-minor detail that transistors are real, and Trek warp drive is imaginary. Of course, prometheuspan is using imaginary physics, so that's okay. One simply can't confuse the imaginary and the real (which, I am afraid, is happening a lot in this thread).

prometheuspan wrote:
SonicRanger wrote:
Sorry, prometheuspan, but that's gibberish, not "known physics."
No, its not gibberish. Its also not known physics, its extrapolated from known physics. failure to understand something doesn not mean its gibberish, it means you don't understand the sense it makes.
The schizophrenic man screaming at cars on the street corner thinks that he is making sense -- that doesn't mean he is.
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