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Re: Supernatural 4x1 "Lazarus Rising" SPOILERS after ep discussion


That was.....that was......oh the religious groups aren't going to like that if they see it. Which the network would probably kill to have happen.

Now that is going to spin things in a whole new direction. That was bold. When the knife didn't work, my mind said "archangel." Still, what a superb and disjointed way to introduce Castiel. Who is that guy? I've seen him before?

Sam....Sam.....Sam.....what have you been up to? Our boy is in trouble. They're not pussyfooting around with Sam now. He's seriously lying to Dean. I love it, but there are going to be the diehards who scream bloody murder who just want the brother angst fest every week.

Screw 'em. That was fantastic. Except for the actress who plays Ruby now. She sucked. I hope she gets better. I preferred Katie Cassidy.

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