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Re: Dexter S1-S2 (spoilers!), what will happen in S3?

We're Netflixing Season 4 of Six Feet Under. Soon as that's finished, we're opening the new box of Dexter Season 2. We're waiting so we don't see David Fisher instead of Dexter Morgan. Or vice versa.

The series needs to get further and further away from the truly godawful books. The TV show is pretty much a silk purse made from a sow's ear. Still, since the show is fundamentally Dexter Goes Sane, resolution will be difficult. I'm afraid they'll chicken out in the end.

Speaking of ends, I wonder if the writers will remember that true crime writers (as well as PDs seeking to close old cases) will research Brian Moser's past. Harry might have disappeared files on the Mommy Moser death scene. But birth records for both children seem out of his reach. Plus, BioDad has a documented connection to both Brian and Dexter! And really, it does seem likely that any true crime writer worth his or her salt would talk to people who might remember Harry keeping a child kept at a crime scene. Just talking to people around Deborah would likely bring that up. In short, it is pretty much impossible that all Dexter's big secrets would be so secret.

I guess that will just have to be laid to willing suspension of disbelief. I've already managed to convince myself that Dexter is a greater detective than Batman!
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