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Re: Avengers movie: Desperate Wasp?

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A can of worms was opened up this weekend when Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria was shot exiting the Marvel offices in Beverly Hills with a stack of comic books in hand, one of them happened to be THE AVENGERS.

I could see it maybe. As long as they don't make Pym a wife-beater douchebag I'll be happy.
Then why include Pym at all? He was a douchebag wifebeater in both the regular and Ultimate Marvel universes. The fact is that, at least in the regular Marvel 'verse (I don't know much about the Ultimates. Sorry), he atoned for his sins and feels pretty shitty about it. You might as well make Iron Man clean, sober, and chaste and Spider-Man a well off, ladies man who has the respect and admiration of J. Jonah Jamison. It's those kinds of flaws that made Marvel heroes what they are. You take that away, you take away their essences.

But as for Longoria as Wasp, no way. I remember seeing her on The Young And The Restless and she couldn't act worth a damn, on a soap opera, no less, either. No stunt casting. Cast the character and not the actor.
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