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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

Time travel is hard to do, but not impossible. Wrong way to do it: ENT. Right way (or one right way) to do it: Lost.

The other two ideas are not fleshed out enough to know what is different or interesting about them. ENT explored new territories and it was boring. Docking at a space station is not inherently interesting.

My bet is still that Bryan Fuller's idea will win out - the next series will key off Trek XI's success, set in the 23rd C - if it's not a success, no series anyway - but will probably not involve the TOS crew because those actors might not want to do a regular series, having become movie stars. A special cameo episode every so often would be more likely.

A good 23rd-C based cast could grab the public attention even if the characters are mostly new. The TOS cast continues with movies and the movies and TV series bolster each other PR-wise.
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