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Re: Fuller: Bring 'Star Trek' Back To Television

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NO - it's still to early. The bad taste left in everybody's mouth from ENT is still there. I'd say wait until AT LEAST JJ's second ST film and then start looking at ideas. That would be getting onto about eight years since the last copy of a copy of a copy was cancelled and the public may actually be longing for some more.

They have to divorce it from the previous shows in some way - whether it be in a different time period, time line or alternate reality. Just as the movie series is rebooting, so should the tv universe.
ENT is effectively forgotten by the general public now - to the extent it ever entered public consciousness, which wasn't much. They can do a new TV series at any time without any serious baggage. For the vast majority of people, Star Trek doesn't mean much at all: Spock, Kirk, Enterprise. Other than that, it's a blank slate.
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