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Re: Dexter S1-S2 (spoilers!), what will happen in S3?

One of the many things I love about this show is the constant tension. You always think something's going to snap. There's not many shows that can do this with such finesse, IMO.
I can't think of any show that manages to keep things at such a consistently high level of tension, not even 24. And Dexter accomplishes it without the absurdities of 24. There are a few little moments - why didn't the FBI bother to guard Dexter's bathroom window? But nothing like a handy device that causes power plants to melt down.

Too bad about the "supernatural" elements getting into the books. That's really not the way to go with this story, book or TV, but of the two, keeping the TV series at a high level of quality is more important to me. The books are just something to do while waiting for new DVDs.

Remember near the end of "Born Free," just after they rescued Deb, when Doakes seemed to "hear" Dexter's voice-over? I guess that was just an in-joke. I was worried they were going to have Doakes become psychic.

Speaking of supernatural elements, I did take note of Dexter's theory at the end of "The British Invasion" that some higher power wants him to keep doing his work. No doubt a reference to the 12-Step program theme, but if Dexter ever starts thinking he's God's instrument, or Satan's, that could be spooky. He mentioned something about Satan having miracles, too.

And there was that easily-overlooked moment (I only noticed it when I watched the second time through) - at the beginning of "The Dark Defender," when Dex paid for the coffee of the woman in front of him who was holding a kid, she said "You're a godsend." Hmmm.
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