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Re: WARP derived from known physics

I don't have anything to prove, but then again, it is starting to seem that neither do you.
good, we are on the same page on that.

What I'm getting here is that you've spent years reading math and physics books... but skipped all the math.
Yes, thats absolutely true, I can't do math. I can on the other hand run a
lucid visualization simulation, and that can yield results which are remarkably similar to doing math.

That explains quite a bit... You're right, I have nothing to offer here as this (and most of your ideas) seem to fall into the realm of science fiction (and I generally attempt to avoid applying physics to science fiction).
If thats your way of politely bowing out, then its been nice chatting with you.
Otherwise, No, I'm not doing science fiction, I'm trying to create a collaborative problem solving process and am acutely aware of the both the
things of merit I have to bring to that process and how much I need other people to fill ini blanks which I can't.

I don't need to. I already gave you the links to the actual papers that actual theoretical physicists have written on these subjects. They've done the work far better than I could.
Somehow I think my error was in not directly addressing those papers to start with. Okay, I'll backtrack and do that.
This classification page you found is great. Actually the stuff i put out is a few different ones on this list, cuz I was going with a few different ways of solving the problem.

Well, I recommend you explore the links about the Alcubierre-type warp theories; there's more on that if you scroll further down the page containing the Landis list. I think that the recent Cleaver-Obousy proposal of using the Casimir effect, combined with the Van Den Broeck micro-warp bubble idea, could conceivably get the energy requirement for a warp drive low enough to be practical. And that's entirely based on known physics, no need to postulate any hypothetical otherspace beyond the extra dimensions already proposed in string theory.
I think the casimir effect is great as one way to work out some of the problems with the warp engine. Its even better as a method for augmenting a slower than light ramrocket. String theories abound, which interpretations are we specifically talking about?

I did miss those follow up papers, my bad. Thanks for pushing a second time a bit harder.
The follow-up papers *
  1. Photon propagation in a stationary warp drive space-time
    Claes R. Cramer
    e-print: gr-qc/9510018, (1995)
  2. Some thoughts on the Implications of Faster-Than-Light Interstellar Space Travel
    I.A. Crawford
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  3. Physical and Cosmological Implications of a Possible Class of Particles Able to Travel Faster than Light
    Luis Gonzalez-Mestres
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    Contribution to the 28th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Warsaw (Poland), (1996)
  4. Warp drive and causality
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  5. A Superluminal Subway: The Krasnikov Tube
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  6. Quantum effects in the Alcubierre warp drive spacetime
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  7. The unphysical nature of "Warp Drive"
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  8. On the Possibility of a Propulsion Drive Creation Through a Local Manipulation of Spacetime Geometry
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    e-print: gr-qc/0207109, (2002)
* The dates indicated within parenthesis refer to the last known uploaded or published version of the paper.
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