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Re: WARP derived from known physics

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Yes, they have come up with some interesting ideas. And I think we should explore them. Which is what I am doing.
If you feel that I have left something out, by all means add your own 30 axioms.
I don't need to. I already gave you the links to the actual papers that actual theoretical physicists have written on these subjects. They've done the work far better than I could.

In my opinion, both concepts together would have to be employed to make it work. Also, a wormhole could in theory
be created which would be shorter on the inside than the outside, but also, thats not true of all wormholes by necessity.
If you constructed a wormhole with two mouths close together and then separated the mouths through normal space, those mouths would remain motionless relative to the interior space, therefore the interior distance would not increase along with the exterior distance. So it's possible to generate a wormhole in such a way as to ensure that the interior distance is shorter.

And again, as I said, you're right that some form of alternate continuum with a higher speed of light could allow effective superluminal travel, but again, that's not a warp drive. The term for that would be a hyperspace drive or hyperdrive.

Here's a list that physicist/SF author Geoffrey A. Landis compiled, basically a taxonomy of the various categories of FTL drive in fiction:

Warp drive is category; yours seems to be in the section, "Alternative space without fixed nodes."

I don't know why you are telling me this when I just got done saying the same thing in the body of ideas which you are criticizing.
Hey, no need to be defensive. I'm just trying to offer further information on a subject you're interested in. I apologize for overlooking your reference to that point elsewhere in this long thread. I'm skimming a lot of it.

My opinion is that a wormhole is only functional as such to get into and out of higher dimensional realities and etc,
and that in fact to make warp work will require a combination of several different approaches.
Perhaps this is a failure of clarity on my part, but I also am exploring simultaneously a few different possibilities, some of which might even be mutually exclusive.
Perhaps I should be blunt. I find the idea of a warp drive without a wormhole to be merely a science fiction fantasy construct and cannot find
it to have merit.
Well, I recommend you explore the links about the Alcubierre-type warp theories; there's more on that if you scroll further down the page containing the Landis list. I think that the recent Cleaver-Obousy proposal of using the Casimir effect, combined with the Van Den Broeck micro-warp bubble idea, could conceivably get the energy requirement for a warp drive low enough to be practical. And that's entirely based on known physics, no need to postulate any hypothetical otherspace beyond the extra dimensions already proposed in string theory.
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