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Re: WARP derived from known physics

And quite frankly, the odds are that you don't truly understand some of these ideas as you really can't seem to explain the basics.
I'm sorry if i initially found your question too vague to make sense of.
I think i have answered it. If you have further questions, ask. At this point i think the thread would be better served if you run with your first impression that I'm an idiot, and just give us the low down of how you think real warp technology would work. Then we can all follow your lead, and I can safely retreat back into just being the guy who started the thread.

It must be nice to by pass years and years of physics,
Sure, while everybody else was having a social life, I was reading textbooks. From the age of 8 to 18, my nose didn't come out of them. So
some people might think I took the easy route, and some people may even resent that I might make such claims, but the real truth is that I worked very hard for my understanding, possibly as hard or harder than those who earn degrees because I have disabilities I have to overcome.

I am truly bored talking about me and sure you have all sorts of insights into warp theory that would be much more interesting.

but by doing so you've skipped all of the foundations of what you want to work with.
Either stand and deliver, or go away. please.

At this point, you are either a waste of time or you have some potential.
I could say that about you and virtually the whole lot of humanity.

Please come back to the topic. How does warp work, in theory, given what you know of physics?
please come help get us into space for real!!
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