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Re: Orci: 'Star Trek XI' Almost Done

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The producers of TOS got it right the first time around.
Yeh thats why it got cancelled after 3 and lets face it should of gone after 2. The underlying plot may of worked for TOS but am sorry majorty of the stories are total crap even for the 60's.
Sad but true. I sometimes watch TOS for laughs. Like many here, I have them and the movies on DVD and they can be at times so campy and over acted that they are comical. I still like them and respect what they did and that they were the foundation for what came later. This article relates exactly what I hope they will be successful in doing with this film.

As Trek fans, we will likely see and hear a lot of little references that will enhance the movie greatly for us but only add to the overall ambience for the general movie goer. I.E.: if it makes sense in the story that we see at a Starfleet museum a display that includes a past starship, it hurts nothing that it is the NX-01. Joe Blow will see it as an "old" space ship while we'll see it as part of the "real" history of the future. Same thing with any references to the 24th century era shows when we see old Spock. I truly hope they pull off what Orci says here. If so, the future of Trek will be solid with more movies and possibly another series or two.
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