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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

The penalty against Sagna was a bit harsh, so I feel it was a fair outcome all said. It was always going to be a tricky fixture as Arsenal seem a bit cursed when they venture to that part of the world. Even so, if that's all the attack Kiev could muster at home, I have no worries about the return leg.

I was more surprised by United's inability to get the full points against Villarreal. In fact, with a flick (I forgot who took the shot) that hit the inside of the post and bounced out, they were lucky not to lose. Pires did some nice work, but is clearly not the player he was at Arsenal. But he was still Arsenal as far as Old Trafford were concerned, they booed his every touch.

The bad news is Show Pony doesn't look too far off the pace - and based on an ovation given to him for just warming up, the fans still support him - so United's recent form looks to be turned around soon.
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