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Re: SG1 10x06: 200

I find lots of things funny... but Peter DeLuise acting like a moron at the end of a ridiculous embarassment of an episode... I don't find funny.

The 'younger hipper' SG-1 was funny, the Farscape bit was funny, but the whole premise of the episode was awful. PdL having his 10 seconds worth of swears beeped out is an unfunny WTF moment. I think anyway.

Hearing about how the 'Sam' actress meant to play tennis or have a baby...?

Hearing the Daniel actor talking about nothing?

Meh, terrible. The previous 30 minutes were terrible, but slightly bearable. This Wormhole Xtreme bit was stupid. And I LIKED the actual 'wormhole x-treme' episode from season 5. It was silly, but the serious action/adventure nature of the show was still present throughout.
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