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Re: Dexter S1-S2 (spoilers!), what will happen in S3?

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I'm trying not to speculate too much on where the show is going. I don't even want to idly speculate and guess at what's coming. There are things from the books I'd kinda like to see, but I'm not even sure on how it could be done without lessening the show (or perhaps going too far for viewers) some how.

Having seen the first episode of season 3 I won't mention what you're right about, but I will say you're spot on about a certain thing... just to throw a tease in there.
I'm glad I read this post, Bob - because of it I, too, have now seen 0301. And all I will say is that once again I'm hooked. It's back. And it's great.

One of the many things I love about this show is the constant tension. You always think something's going to snap. There's not many shows that can do this with such finesse, IMO.

It's just a shame that it'll be a couple more weeks till the next one... I just couldn't resist the temptation of the pre-air...
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