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Re: WARP derived from known physics

Oh, no hurry. I guess I will have enough trouble digesting just a handful of the answers per day, or week. All of this looks fairly alien, to the surface at least
my feeling is that its only complicated before you understand it and then its pretty simple.

and not easily derived from known or accepted premises.
My feeling is that if you know physics and think about it, that this stuff really does derive from known physics pretty well at least most of it, so
it should trace back quickly to somewhat familiar premises.

I just feel a slow step-by-step guide through the axioms would be the natural next step for this thread, rather than a jump straight into some higher-level musings.
I wish you would pick just one to focus on. The first few seem rather self evident to me, I could be wrong but it doesn't seem like spending a lot of time on the first few will be that enlightening.

Where do you first encounter something you find "off" or which you don't understand?
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