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Re: WARP derived from known physics

* Axiom1

It is impossible for any object inside of the universe to travel at a speed faster than the speed of light.
I think the answer to why I think that this is the case is really easy and something those of us familiar with physics can agree on. But to recap the obvious;
1. Anything moving at the speed of light would itself be transformed into energy.
2. The amount of energy required to propel a mass increases as the speed increases at an exponential rate as one approaches the speed of light.
3. The mass of an object increases as it approaches the speed of light.
4. Thus it would seem that it would require an infinite amount of energy
to move an object at the speed of light.

* Axiom2

It may be possible for an object to essentially "Leave" the universe, and thus, for "distance" to become something very different than it is now.
The ideas of brane cosmology, M-theory, and dimensions of a geometric nature outside of our universe are pretty standard ideas now in cosmology.
It would seem the only obvious answer and it seem to be the more or less the standard answer as well. So far, nothing I have said really deviates significantly from the standard ideas regarding.

* Axiom3

An object might be able to travel faster than the speed of light, if it was isolated inside of a Gravitational bubble which was traveling through a wormhole.
1. A wormhole could in theory exit the universe as we know it, and thus no longer be subject to the problem of rate of speed per sey.
2. The largest problem with most wormhole theories is that gravitometric stresses entering or inside of a wormhole would be theoretically fatal.
3. Thus it would seem necessary to protect the vessel inside a different gravitometric construct, IE; the gravitometric bubbles.

* Axiom4

Traveling without a gravitational bubble through a wormhole would be fatal, for a variety of reasons.
1. Acceleration at hundreds or thousands or millions of Gs upon entering
the wormhole.
2. The irregularity and sharpness of gravitometric chaos inside of a wormhole means that different parts of a ship would be accelerated at different rates and in slightly different directions.

* Axiom5

The amount of gravity that a ship will have to distort space/time is always equal to the normal mass energy of the vessel itself.
How could it be otherwise?
* Axiom6

Warp, if it works, will be based on using some sort of energy field to come into phase with the gravitic field of the vessel.
What else is there to work with? Gravity is itself a spatial curvature. Increase and distort that curvature, and you have the potential for
a wormhole.

* Axiom7

Warp, if if works, will change the specific energy state of Gravitometric quanta, such that a gravitaional bubble forms inside of a wormhole.
I don't really remember the point of this one.
let me think on it.
* Axiom8

Rate of Speed in Tunnel; ROSIT; Refers to the rate of speed that a vessel would travel down a wormhole. This cannot exceed half of the speed of light or the vessel looses its ability to sense ahead of it. Early warp technologies will actually use fairly low ROSIT speeds.
So if you are traveling down a wormhole, how fast are you going relative to the wormhole? The wormhole is the new "universe" inside of which all the standard laws of physics still apply. You can't move faster than light inside of the wormhole, and you don't go anywhere inside the wormhole without some amount of forward velocity.

* Axiom9

Ratio Multiplier of Wormtunnel RMWT; A useful wormtunnel will be shorter on the inside than it is on the outside. The question here is, how much shorter?
The whole point of having a womtunnel in the first place is to create a spatial distortion in which you travel a very short distance on the inside while space itself travels a much farther distance on the outside. If this is not true or does not work out, then entering a wormhole is pretty pointless and rather dangerous, with no real useful gain other than perhaps the science information one might obtain from the inside.

* Axiom10

"Warps" Cannot rationally refer to any given speed. Instead, they refer to advanced level Warp Technology, which uses multiple levels of Tunnel. Wormholes inside of Wormholes. Warp 1 thus means 1 worm hole tunnel. Warp 2 thus equals 2 wormhole tunnels, one inside of the other. The actual warp speed will depend on the RMWT and the ROSIT of each Tunnel.
Why do i think this is so? wow, thats complicated. Esp to sum up with brevity. The RMWT of any given worm tunnel is itself the largest problem
for high warp velocities. How much stretch can you get? There are a lot of different theories on this, ranging from the possibility that you can leave the universe hyperdimensionally, making the point moot, to the idea that you can only sort of half leave the universe, but stay connected to it, by
traveling in essence along the event horizon of those higher dimensions, or the universe itself, relative to the larger omniverse.
So to achieve better warp velocities if the latter is the case, (And star trek and a large number of theories do assume this) The way to get the stretch
one needs is to use worm tunnels inside of wormtunnels.

* Axiom11

A functional warp drive system uses magnetic, Tachyonic, AntiEnergy, or other such means to create wormholes. These wormholes actually form dynamic whorl matrixes similar to those describing black holes. Each wormtunnel on the outside must be spun past by virtue of a thrust wormhole. There are thus worm tunnels writhing down the center of any early level warp technologies warp Engines.

This is much better to discuss or explain using images or drawings. But consider the problem in your own mind. You have to put something in a gravitometric box, and then you have to suspend that box in a wormhole.
Where does the wormtunnel originate and how is it formed? How does the engine actually create the wormhole and the other spatial distortion geometries?
The verbal best to give you in brevity is, how could it possibly be any other way?

* Axiom12

The minimum number of warp engines to counter vortex spin and chaos is 4. Each warp Engine generates a wormtunnel which merges into the others at an event horizon line ahead of and in back of the vessel. Those holomorphic singularities then branch wildly out, or flare, to form the bulbous sphere of the warp bubble. The warp bubble is propelled forward by the zero point energy agitation of serious spatial distortion.
1. By definition, a wormtunnel is formed as space time wraps and curves
around itself mostly in an elongation, but, somewhat of necessity in a circular motion around the circumference of the tunnel.
2. That curving with only one warp engine would cause the vessel to begin
rotating at enormous velocities, causing break up of the ship, or, disintegration of the wormhole.
3. Each curving vector force has to have some other curving vector force to push off of. Think of a helicopter. Without the tail blade, the helicopter is going to spin and drop.
4. If using only two engines, those forces will push the vessel either up or down depending on what direction each engine is spinning relative to the other. (again, this is much easier to understand if you draw it.)
5. If using three engines, how do you balance two engines off of one?
The forces would be too irregular, and again, you'd end up spinning and being pushed sideways into the wall of the wormhole.
6. In order to create complicated warp geometries, it will require several different worm holes cross modulating each other. Again, this is easy to see if you start drawing it.

* Axiom14

The hardest part of generating a useful warp field is making space Roll. Leaving the universe is the easy part. Navigating in hyperspace is whats hard.
I think this is self evident. Why would I think that? Well, how do we make space roll?

* Axiom15

Space and Time are actually 3 Geometric and 1 Kinetic Dimensions. We don't know if there are more Geometric or Kinetic Dimensions, But if there are, they are very small in width. For instance, maybe there is a 4th geometric dimension, which has a width of less than a single atom. It would be a whole dimension, but there would be no point in perceiving it. It would exist on too small a scale. However, it might render useful means by which to control, route, and modulate Warp Energies.
this is basic information which is known to be scientifically accurate and not even slightly conjectural.

* Axiom16

Space and Time may be composed of many Geometric, Kinetic, or Frequential (Quantum different) Dimensions. If there are more dimensions, and we can learn to access them, this gives high hopes to warp travel theory.
Again, this is just what the basic science says. We don't have proof that other dimensions exist but many different interpretations of assorted quantum theories and models predict that they exist mathematically. Notice
I don't commit one way or the other here, I just put forth the possibility.

* Axiom17

If there are no extra dimensions, they can be in theory manufactured using gravitometric spatial distortions.
This assumes that we can grab a hold of space/time some how, probably via gravitons or tachyons or negative energy or etc. But if you can do that
and work up a hyperdimensional distortion, then you can pick a new goemetric dimension and poke out of the distortion in that direction.

* Axiom18

If warp travel becomes possible, it is unlikely that the limitations of "Star Trek" would apply. While there may be limitations, and we don't know what they are yet, the truth is, Warp Speeds fast enough to go to ?Andromeda Galaxy seem every bit as possible as Warp speeds to go to Alpha centauri.
I lifted this idea directly from reading theorists talk about their ideas, mostly if I remember correctly out of Discover or Omni or some such magazine.
I don't remember the specifics well any more, but the reason to think so
is that theres no theoretical boundary or limit above light speed that we know of. If you are leaving the universe, than any two points inside of the universe are the same distance apart from each other relative to you, it doesn't matter how far those points are separated from each other.
If you leave the universe, the whoel universe relative to you becomes a singularity with an INTERNAL inflation event. All of space/time in our universe is just an instantaneous quantum fluctuation in a flashpan from a perspective outside of the universe.

* Axiom19

Falling theory. It may prove to be true that the easiset way to generate a warpfeild is to use a distant gravity well as a target pseudo singularity. If this becomes true, the largest obstacle to warp drive will become finding suitably large targets free from any intervening gravity wells.
I'd point out that this all doesn't present a single theory of warp or even a single paradigm really as such, it covers a bunch of slightly different ideas,
some of which are compatible with each other and some of which are not.

But if theres some intermediate level of reality between the universe as we know it and the larger omniverse such as "subspace", which some theories predict might exist, then any given gravity well in that hyperspace might be thought of as a singularity and the whole universe could then be thought of
as singularities riding each others surfaces. So in such a case, you could just tune to the gravitational pull of a remote singularity and then fall towards it.

* Axiom20

Any normal matter which encounters a warp boundary will be turned cataclysmically into graviton energy.
Why is this so? well, the outside of the warp boundary is longer than the inside, an atom comes up against that two dimensional surface- and its quanta are ripped away in assorted directions- at faster than light speeds.
please come help get us into space for real!!
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